Download whatever you need!

Here we have put together a few important and useful downloads for you. If you have any questions, just send us a message.

Applications from the Jobcenter - Agentur für Arbeit


Here you can find the application for Bürgergeld.
If you have any questions, please call us.

Application for further approval

This is the application for further approval at the job center.

Child benefit

Here you can download the application form for child benefit.

Child benefit for orphans

Here is the application for child benefit for orphans or unknown residence of the parents

Applications on the subject of housing

GEZ exemption

Here you can find the application for exemption from GEZ fees.

Schufa application

Click here for the Schufa application.

Initial allowance

Click here to go to the application form for an initial Jobcentre allowance.

Accommodation entitlement certificate

Here’s how you apply for the B certificate.


Shower & Laundry

A friendly word, free hot showers and/or laundry – the Johannis Oasis.

Social city plan

Offers for people with little money and homeless people. Offers provided by the Diakonie.

Legal advice

Here you can find a page provided by the District Court of Bremen with information about legal advice.

Help and advice

For psychologically stressed young adults from Bremen, support and treatment services are available here.

Asylum & Refugees

Overview for asylum seekers and refugees from Bremen and Bremerhaven about the different services on offer.